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Filter shares key tactics of Russian propaganda in Poland


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Filter shares key tactics of Russian propaganda in Poland

Russian propaganda is doing everything possible to deteriorate relations between truly friendly Polish and Ukrainian nations. Propagandists manipulate with the historical past, as well as discredit Ukrainian externally displaced persons who fled the war. Moscow promises that Poland will be “next” after Ukraine because it supports #Kyiv.

This disinformation campaign has especially intensified during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Read more about the methods and narratives the Russian Federation uses in Poland below.

Even before the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian Federation tried to embroil Poles and Ukrainians over their common historical past. Since February 24, 2022, this propaganda campaign has only intensified.

The minister-coordinator of the Polish special services, Stanislav Zharyn, mentioned the key narratives promoted by the Russian Federation.

“As part of its influence, the Russian side slanders Poland, tries to destabilize Poland’s relations with Ukraine and the US, and also attacks the image of the Polish Army. 

Thus, the Kremlin promotes theses aimed at

  • accusing Poland of inciting war and aggression
  • spreading insinuations about the dangers of accepting refugees from UA in Poland
  • depreciation of the potential of the Polish Army and the ability to defend PL
  • stoking animosities between Poland and Ukraine, as well as between Poland and the USA
  • presenting Poland as a US vassal”.

These days, the main disinformation campaign of the Russian Federation concerns the differences between Ukrainians and Poles:

“The Russians are trying to convince Poles that accepting refugees from Ukraine is extremely expensive for the country, and at the same time it causes many problems, makes the whole operation extremely senseless and also dangerous, because we do not know who we are accepting under our roof or who we will live closely with… It is obvious that the Polish-Ukrainian rapprochement affects Russian interests, and that is why they are trying to divide two peoples” , Stanislav Zharyn noted

Russian propaganda also explains the problems with food in Poland (namely, the increase of sugar prices) with the arrival of a large number of Ukrainian refugees in the country.

Allegedly, this is due to the high demand for this product. 

Surely, this is total nonsense.

Another ridiculous narrative promoted by the Russian Federation is Poland’s alleged plans to annex part of Ukraine.

“Russian propaganda is spreading a fake that Poland has an insidious intention to go over to the side of Russia and seize the western part of Ukraine. Pro-Kremlin blogger Yuriy Podolyak shared a video with such a message. He also claims that after the occupation of the western part of Ukraine, Poland will begin the denazification of the Ukrainian population”, the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine explains.

Such propaganda is also aimed at driving a wedge between the peoples of Poland and Ukraine.

Russia uses networks of bots and trolls in Poland that try to change public opinion about Ukrainians and the war in Ukraine.

In particular, they spread fakes about Ukrainian refugee women that come to Poland not because they are fleeing Russian aggression, but to seduce Polish men.

In June, the Polish Research and Academic Computer Network, called NASK, discovered thousands of fake accounts that spread pro-Russian narratives — the same ones that RIA Novosti or the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry voiced.

Rzeczpospolita explains that currently, the issues they are manipulating are related to:

  • economy and social sphere,
  • supporting refugees,
  • inflation,
  • high fuel prices,
  • and the narrative that “Poles are second-class citizens in their own country.”

Instead, Ukrainians are said to be rich, well-dressed, drive expensive cars, and “ungrateful” to the Poles who sheltered them.

Russian propagandists also created a fake about the language — as if the Ukrainian language should become the second state language in Poland. Of course, it’s not true.

Despite all the efforts of the Russians to quarrel Ukrainians and Poles, they remain friendly nations and continue to support each other. Ukraine is grateful to Poland for its unconditional support.

Glory to Ukraine and Niech żyje Polska!


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