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Results of the First national media literacy test


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Results of the First national media literacy test

Filter thanks everyone who watched the live presentation of the results of the national media literacy test

Please see the key highlights below: 

  • On October 27, 32,586 Ukrainians took part in the national media literacy test, and 17,555 Ukrainians passed it completely.
  • The test consisted of 34 questions and five blocks:

Block 1. Basic concepts of media literacy and information environment. (8 questions)

Block 2. Social networks. (7 questions)

Block 3. Credibility and influence of news.  (10 questions)

Block 4. Fact-checking skills. (6 questions)

Block 5. Ability to secure personal data and use resources. (3 questions)

  • Among the participants 76% had marked their sex as female and 23% as male.
  • The largest number of participants were from the Kyiv region. We are glad that Ukrainians from all over the country took part in the test! In particular, from the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson regions, as well as from Crimea.
  • Most of the participants were aged 15 to 18 (23%). The next most active age category is 40 to 49 (15%).
  • The majority of Ukrainians who took part in the national media literacy test have the “Almost GURU” (42%) and the “Beginner” (44%) levels. 9% of Ukrainians achieved the highest scores which correspond to the “GURU of media literacy” level. 5% of Ukrainians have the “Novice” level.
  • The most difficult question turned out to be the one where it was necessary to choose which of the given theses were judgments, not facts. Only 10% of participants could identify all 4 judgments.
  • Most of the participants correctly responded to the  questions “What is media literacy?” and “Are bloggers a reliable source of information?”.  95% of participants gave the correct answer.
  • 54% of participants know what PSYOP is.  9546 participants gave the correct answer for the question concerning this topic.
  • 68% of participants were able to react in the correct way to manipulative advertising.
  • 86% of participants would not entrust their money to an unknown fund.

The national media literacy test was organised by Filter.National Media Literacy Project of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine together with the USAID Dream and Act program and the “Learn to Discern: Info-Media Literacy” project, implemented by IREX in Ukraine with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine and the Embassy of the United States of America in Ukraine. The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv were also partners of this initiative. 


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