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Filter announced the short list of finalists for the Reporter competition in 2021


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Filter announced the short list of finalists for the Reporter competition in 2021

We have reviewed 429 ideas and are ready to present the thirty finalists of the 1st national contest of student video stories and podcasts REPORTER.

The list of finalists:

  • Anastasia Agarkova, Zaporizhzhya (Zaporizhzhya region): “How to combine online and offline life?”;
  • Maryna Andreychenko, Odesa (Odesa region): “What is burnout?”;
  • Elizaveta Artemenko, Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovohrad region): “Vladyslav Dushyn. The way to victories”;
  • Olena Vozniuk, Bilozerske (Donetsk region): “Fairy glade: a story that inspires”;
  • Daria Vorobyova, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (Odesa region): “Vaccination against COVID-19: “for” and “against”;
  • Karina Gonistratenko, Myrhorod (Poltava region): “The hero. Author of 14 books on historical topics”;
  • Nazar Dereka, Nizhyn (Chernihiv region): “Recycling factory in Nizhyn: to be or not to be”;
  • Taisiia Drozhzha, Myrhorod (Poltava region): “Guest of the studio”;
  • Yevheniia Zhmurkovych, Uzhhorod (Zakarpattia region): “An inspiring story. Tetiana Litus”;
  • Dariia Zuieva, Zaporizhzhya (Zaporizhzhya region): “EcoStyle”; 
  • Valeria Ivanova, Irpin (Kyiv region): “First steps to waste sorting”;
  • Anastasia Kandiba, Odesa (Odesa region): “How will the icebreaker “Noosphere” help to clean the world ocean?”;
  • Oleksandra Knysh, Zaporizhzhya, (Zaporizhzhya region): “Stories that inspire. Super hero Olena Usenko”;
  • Olha Kozel, Yuzhne (Odesa region): “Eco-conscious city”;
  • Karina Kuzmenko, Voznesenka village(Zaporizhzhya region): “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that’s the question…”;
  • Anastasia Kucher, Mykolaiv (Mykolaiv region): “The first organic waste composter in Mykolaiv”;
  • Iryna Lysenko, Dniprorudne (Zaporizhzhya region): “Vaccination saves life”;
  • Vitalina Maksymchuk, Manevychi (Volyn region): “People who inspire”;
  • Victoria Motulyak, Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi region): “Mental health: what is it? how to preserve it and does green tea help?”;
  • Daria Osavolyuk, Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region): “Emotional intelligence as the key element of success”;
  • Kostyantyn Savorona, Varash (Rivne region): “The success story of the barber brothers”;
  • Ella Sychevska, Bashtanka (Mykolaiv region): “Good things are better when done together”;
  • Anastasia Skorokhod,Kostyantynivka  village (Zaporizhzhya region): “Vaccination of children in the city of Melitopol”;
  • Valentyna Slavova, Pershotravensk (Dnipropetrovsk region):”Study with us: how to successfully prepare for the external examination without nerves and emotional burnout”;
  • Daryna Taptunova, Svesa village (Sumy region): “Stories that inspire”;
  • Ivan Tarasov, Chmyrivka village (Luhansk region): “Restoring forests together”;
  • Elizaveta Terletska, Kharkiv (Kharkiv region): “History that inspires”;
  • Angelina Trosha, Hlukhiv (Sumy region): “EcoHlukhiv. From dream to action”;
  • Kateryna Feshchuk, Enerhodar (Zaporizhia region): “Future Legend”;
  • Dmytro Shulga, Lozova (Kharkiv region): “A person who inspires the Kharkiv region!”.


The authors of 12 works with the highest scores of the jury will become the winners of the competition and will come to Kyiv to learn from famous Ukrainian journalists and even create materials together with them!

We wish everyone who has not entered this list not to give up. Your works have shown what bothers you and your communities.  hey inspired us sometimes with seriousness and sometimes with humor.

We asked you to submit journalistic stories and podcasts, and you gave us much more.  Documentary mini-films, blogs, funny skits, performances, music videos, pranks, even social commercials – thank you for sharing your creativity.  However, only journalistic works that correspond to the name and purpose of the competition made it to the short list.  We wish you not to stop: study and apply journalistic standards in your work.  We hope to see or hear from all of you soon: at our next competitions or already on video or audio platforms.

You inspired us so much with your trust, activity and talents that we decided to create a community for all participants of the Reporter competition.  Regardless of the jury’s evaluation, here you will find opportunities and like-minded people from all over the country.  From time to time we will hold meetings, workshops and other offline and online events so that you can learn more about the work of media professionals and get to know top journalists.

So, wait for a letter with a link, join the chat, and you will be the first to learn about the news of the “Reporter” competition!

Next week we will announce the names of the winners!


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