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List of Filter’s events for Global Media Literacy Week 2021


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List of Filter’s events for Global Media Literacy Week 2021

Filter officially presents the initiatives that will be implemented during World Media and Information Literacy Week in Ukraine.

All activities are aimed at increasing the level of public awareness of the relevance of disinformation problems and the importance of developing media literacy. Among the planned initiatives of the project:

TV project with Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (Suspilne)

During the week, the “Morning on Suspilne” project will broadcast TV stories, created in cooperation with Filter.  From the examples from real-life stories, the audience can learn how to develop critical thinking skills. The most interesting moments of the special project will be published on the Suspilne.Kraina (Suspilne. Country) YouTube channel. Guests from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and Filter project will also appear in the studio of the morning show to share initiatives, aimed at countering disinformation and developing media literacy in Ukraine.

Opening a media literate maze together with the IREX team

On October 28, with the participation of Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko, the “Don’t believe – check” media literacy maze will be opened in the city of Slavutych. The maze is designed in interactive rooms where everyone can practice media literacy skills in a game format. 

Series of online discussions “Media literacy: education, media, business”

On October 26, 28, and 29, Filter will initiate three thematic days in the format of online discussions, during which educators, media, and business representatives will share their best projects and ideas for promoting media literacy, combating disinformation, and developing the critical thinking skills of the audiences

The official launch of the Reporter national competition

On October 26, during the thematic day “Media literacy and education”, the presentation of the Reporter national competition will take place in cooperation with UNICEF and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine. The competition will take place in Ukraine for the first time and aims to motivate young people to study media literacy and journalism standards by creating their own media materials.

Presentation of educational materials of the Swedish Institute

On October 26, during the thematic day “Media literacy and education”, Filter team will present specially adapted educational materials for high school students and teachers who work with media literacy topics.

Flash mob #Ifilter

A media literacy flash mob where you can find out your media literacy level and win prizes. To participate, you need to pass the online test “Lost literacy” on Filter website and share the test result on your Facebook page with the obligatory addition of the hashtag #Ifilter (#яфільтрую). At the end of the media literacy week, gifts will be drawn among the participants.

Launch of the media literacy clubs

Media literacy club, a new format for the development of critical thinking, will appear in Ukraine for the first time. Five of the most active participants, who previously completed the training for leaders on the promotion of media literacy, initiated by the NGO Internews Ukraine and with the support of the OSCE, are already preparing to launch their media literacy centres in Romny, Zaporizhzhia, Kramatorsk, Cherkasy, and Vinnytsia.

Filter project team calls for the use of a #filterinfo (#фільтруйінфу) hashtag to quickly find media literacy initiatives. You can also add your own regional initiatives to Filter website in the Map of initiatives section. Fill out the form to have your events appear on the map.


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