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National media literacy project

Our mission

To unite and coordinate the efforts of the state and partners to develop media literacy of Ukrainians.

Our credo

Media literacy is your filter for information consumption.

Our goal until 2023

Raising awareness of all age groups of the Ukrainian population about the relevance of disinformation threats and the importance of being able to detect manipulations.

About the project


Filter is the national media literacy project of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine that was established in 2021.

We realise that media literacy is a necessary skill of the 21st century for every person to consume any information: news, social media and even in daily communication. Many relevant and important initiatives for the development of critical thinking have already been implemented in Ukraine at the national and regional levels. But today’s challenges have once again shown the need to develop a single vector and coordinate efforts in the field of media literacy at the state level.

The project’s online platform aims to bring together the best solutions and materials implemented by state authorities, public initiatives, international partners and media community.



Our professional principles


We focus on specific tasks and their solutions.


In our activities, we rely on facts, statistical indicators and research.


We cooperate with the government, NGOs and media organisations to jointly achieve the highest results.


Our activity is focused on systematic work with target audiences, recurrence and regularity of communications to improve and strengthen the result.

Exchange of experience

Cooperation with international partners and implementation of the best global practices is an integral component in our work.


We inspire and focus on empowerment through media literacy.

Our Strategic Functions


We combine opportunities and create conditions for new media literacy projects in Ukraine, embedding the theme of critical thinking into the daily life and culture of Ukrainians. 


We inform about media literacy projects in Ukraine and acquaint the relevant target audiences with the educational materials that can be used both in everyday life and for the implementation of objectives of business and the state.


We promote research in the field of media literacy and create the preconditions for intensifying scientific activities around the topic, in particular by involving various stakeholders.


We are involved in the state policy formation and the implementation of state initiatives aimed at development of media literacy, in concurrence with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

Our team

Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy for European Integration. Mr Shevchenko was a Co-Founder of the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR), a coalition of reform-oriented NGOs and experts, which began after the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. As the Founder and Director of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, Taras was involved in drafting numerous legislative acts, including the Access to Public Information Law and launched numerous successful civic initiatives in different areas including good governance, transparency, media self-regulation, anti-tobacco, and road safety. In 2017, Mr Shevchenko was selected as one of 16 Yale World Fellows under the annual U.S. program at Yale University.

Doctor of Law, and Acting General Director of the Directorate for Information Policy and Information Security of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, she is responsible for the implementation of the project at MCIP. She worked as the head of the expert group of the Directorate of School Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture and contributed to the approval by the Government of the new State Standard for basic secondary education. It is the basis for the implementation of the "New Ukrainian School" reform in grades 5-9 and the integration of media literacy into the educational process.

Founder and head of Filter. Valeria worked at the BBC in London, with the UN in New York, and as a special correspondent for "Breakfast with 1+1", where she launched special projects "People of Action" and "Ukrainians in America". She holds an MSc in Media and Communication Governance at the London School of Economics under the Chevening scholarship program of the British government.

Youth coordinator and lecturer at Filter. Oleksandr has three years of experience of organising educational projects on the topic of media literacy. He is also a fact checker for the "VERIFICATION" bot, a fixer for foreign journalists. He is a graduate of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership, and is currently a student majoring in Cultural Studies at NaUKMA.

Content manager at Filter. Tetiana worked in the analytical centre "Ukrainian Institute for the Future", in the field of SMM, in the NGO "Internews-Ukraine" and in the social enterprise "Museum in the Dark 03:00". She has a master's degree in international relations from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University and the University of Warsaw.

Content creator for Filter's TikTok platform. Anastasiia holds BA in international relationsShe has initiated and developed her own project related to disinformation and cultural reform in Ukraine, “Culture of Reform”. She has a bachelor's degree in international relations from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Anastasiia is also a graduate of the "Open University of Reforms" program, 14th batch.

International partnerships coordinator at Filter. Viktoriia graduated from the University of York, where she studied international relations. Viktoriia worked with UNDP Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute London, TEDxLondon, and Teach for Ukraine.

What we did


produced a series of TV stories together with the "Morning” program of the Ukrainian public broadcaster

launched media literacy clubs in the regions - a new format for the development of critical thinking of the adult population

coordinated the celebration of the Global Media Literacy Week 2021

held the first school competition of TV stories and podcasts "Reporter"

published a book on media literacy for children

supported the pop-up exhibition «Regain Control» organised by the popular science media "Kunsht"

organised an outdoor classical music concert with a public discussion about media literacy

held more than 100 lectures and trainings on fact-checking and narratives of Russian propaganda

launched a campaign in the Kyiv metro together with IREX

held the first all-Ukrainian lesson on media literacy in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science

launched an online platform that brought together the best solutions and materials on media literacy for different audiences


Development of media literacy in Ukraine

The document contains an analysis of the media literacy in Ukraine and Filter’s strategic goals and objectives.